Voluntary Caring in the Hamptons since 1974
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The Old Flower Shop

It's supporting us through
The Old Flower Shop

Our charity shop is one of the many different ways we have of finding the money to meet the costs of running our services. Since we started just over a year ago it has steadily increased its contribution all be it this is still quite modest in the total picture.

How you can help

We need things to sell and as the shop is quite small we are trying to be more specific in what we sell. We particularly need donations of:

  • Nearly New But Not Wanted
    Those clothes little worn that you bought and thought you loved but no longer want.
  • Small pieces of furniture, not to large as we have little room in the shop
    But If you do have larger pieces call The Greenwood Centre and someone will contact you.
  • DVD's and CD's
    We can recycle DVD's and CD's through an online service providing they are still in their original cases, undamaged and with a bar code. Ones given away in newspapers and magazines are not saleable. Please bring them to the shop or to The Greenwood Centre.
  • Jewellery
    Costume jewellery is welcomed and the odd diamond ring if you do not want it anymore!
  • Miscellaneous Bric-a-Brac
    Yes please! China, metal, wood items are all welcome.

You can also help by volunteering to join our team who staff the shop. If you are interested please telephone or call in to The Greenwood Centre.

The Old Flower Shop
107 High Street,
Greater London
TW12 1NJ

Opening Hours

Call: 020 8979 9662

The Old Flower Shop is in Hampton Hill High Street close by the pedestrian crossing near the junction with Windmill Road.

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